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Since forming I-CART in 2000, the team has responded to a variety of call outs. In the aftermath of September 11, I-CART provided crisis support for international airline travelers stranded in Indianapolis, assisted airline personnel, developed written support handouts and helped staff the Marion County Mental Health Association’s Crisis Line to assist with concerns and responses of individuals.

I-CART team members were twice deployed to help with the response in New York City and New Jersey. I-CART has also helped provide opportunities for all individuals from Indiana who responded at the national level to September 11 to meet for support of each other.

Crisis Team Training

I-CART periodically offers the basic NOVA Community Crisis Response Training, the NOVA Advanced Training, and other training opportunities. Certified NOVA trainers provide these trainings.

Team Meetings

Our Team Meetings are the 4th Monday of each month at 5pm.

Our new meeting place beginning in September will be at the new Gallahue Administration Offices at 7229 Clearvista Parkway across from Community North Hospital.

I-CART is a non-profit organization that holds regularly scheduled meetings. These gatherings provide networking, ongoing training and updates on crisis response efforts.

How You Can Help

I-CART is a non-profit organization that is funded through donations. All donations are tax-deductible.

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