Team Members can request reimbursement for certain items pertaining to a response they have participated in. The following policy is to be followed.

Indiana Crisis Assistance Response Team (I-CART) Policies and Procedures

Policy on Reimbursement for Travel Expenses

Any current I-CART team member may request reimbursement for travel expenses when asked to respond on behalf of I-CART, as an I-CART team member. (See Current Team member information below to see who is eligible to be a team member.)

    A reimbursement form needs to be completed by the individual to include:

  • What type of expenses are being sought for reimbursement
  • Receipts needs to be attached
  • An explanation as to what the expense was used for and how it benefits I-CART
  • All expenses need to be detailed.
  • If mileage is being sought-the miles traveled or the odometer reading for start and finish of trip need to be included.

Mileage and Expenses will only be reimbursed if the I-CART Board of Director’s approves the reimbursement. The Board will take into consideration if funds are available.

It would be a recommendation that a prior approval of the Board of Director’s is sought before purchasing something on behalf of I-CART.

A current team member would be considered an individual who has completed the Basic Crisis Response Training certified by NOVA (National Organization for Victim Assistance) and a copy of the certificate in their file, has completed a team application, paid the application fee, has two references in their file, has a signed Memorandum of Understanding, has a signed Code of Ethics, and has a current background check completed and in their file.

Approved by Board of Directors: July 2008

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