NOVA Basic Training

The goals of the training are to understand the theory of crisis intervention and to learn the NOVA (National Organization for Victim Assistance) model for individual and group crisis intervention, and learn theoretical information. Kim Walton and Gerry Griffith are excellent resources for leading this training.

This course emphasizes the fundamentals of crisis and trauma, how to adapt NOVA’s basic techniques to individuals and groups, and how to create a community-based crisis response team. Topics include: immediate and long-term crisis reactions, diagramming or analyzing disasters and traumas, crisis and post-trauma interventions, NOVA’s Group Crisis Intervention (GCI) model, fundamentals of organizing crisis intervention teams, and special issues and populations.

NOVA Training Class

National Organization For Victim Assistance’s (NOVA) Training Class on Basic Crisis Response

I-CART can host a training or bring the training to you if requested.

    Course Content will include:

  • The Crisis Response
  • The Trauma Response
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Death and Dying
  • Age, Cultural, and Spiritual Perspectives
  • Children’s and Elderly Crisis Response
  • Post Trauma Response
  • The Crisis Response Team (CRT)

Time: This 40 hour training can be in 5 full days or in an evening/Saturday format. It can also be condensed to 24 hours of training if particpants have some background knowledge or experience with crisis response.

Minimum amount of 20 participants is necessary to conduct this class. Trainers have the right to continue the class if amount is not met.

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