NOVA Community Crisis Response Team Training

National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) is a national partner of I-CART. Both organizations actively assist victims and survivors of crime, tragedy, trauma and disaster. I-CART is excited to present the NOVA Community Crisis Response Team Training and welcome any individual who has an interest in assisting with potential crisis response situations in his/her community, as well as personal and professional life. To learn more about NOVA, visit I-CART is a completely volunteer driven organization and our community services are free of charge. To learn more about I-CART and this training, visit

The 24-hour intensive training will be led by Certified Crisis Response Trainers: Rev. Gerry Griffith and Kim Walton. Educational material will be shared in lecture and group discussion formats on the following topics:

  • The Crisis Response
  • The Trauma Response
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Critical Information on Death Notification, Death, Dying and Loss
  • Age, Cultural & Spiritual Perspectives in regard to trauma
  • Children and Elder’s Crisis Response
  • Post Traumatic Response
  • Serving as a member of a Crisis Response Team

Scholarship Opportunities will be announced, please e-mail for an application.

Next Training Opportunity is being planned

  • New Student: $175
    • (Includes course materials, meals and NOVA certificate)
  • Refresher (Students who have taken this course before and bring their own course materials): $75
    • (Includes meals and I-CART certificate)

**CEUs for mental health professionals may be available for an extra $12 (24 CEUs)**

Registrations can be completed:

1) Online at, see link to registration form after once date determined.

2) E-mailing the registration form to

3) Mail registration form to: I-CART, P.O. Box 501285, Indianapolis, IN 46250-6285

*Make checks payable to “I-CART” and mail to the organization’s P.O. Box.  Do not mail cash!

**Payment must be submitted with registration form to become enrolled in the class.


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