NOVA Community Crisis Response Team Training

NOVA Community Crisis Response Team Training

July 26,27,28 – 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

Indianapolis Fire Department Headquarters, 955 Ft Wayne Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46202

National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) is a national partner of I-CART. Both organizations actively assist victims and survivors of crime, tragedy, trauma and disaster. I-CART is excited to present the NOVA Community Crisis Response Team Training and welcome any individual who has an interest in assisting with potential crisis response situations in his/her community, as well as personal and professional life. To learn more about NOVA, visit www.tryNOVA.org. I-CART is a completely volunteer driven organization and our community services are free of charge. To learn more about I-CART and this training, visit www.i-cart.org.

The 24-hour intensive training will be led by Certified Crisis Response Trainers: Rev. Gerry Griffith and Kim Walton. Educational material will be shared in lecture and group discussion formats on the following topics:

  • The Crisis Response
  • The Trauma Response
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Critical Information on Death Notification, Death, Dying and Loss
  • Age, Cultural & Spiritual Perspectives in regard to trauma
  • Children and Elder’s Crisis Response
  • Post Traumatic Response
  • Serving as a member of a Crisis Response Team

Register Today for Early Bird Discounts…

must be postmarked by July 12!

  • New Student: Early Bird registration before 6/28/18 is $300, Early Bird with more than 3 people from an organization drops to $275 per person.  After 6/28/18 registration is $350, registration cutoff 7/12/18, space limited so register early.
    • (Includes course materials, meals and NOVA certificate)
  • Refresher (Students who have taken this course before and bring their own course materials): Early bird registration before 6/28/18 for $150. After 6/28/18registration fee is $175
    • (Includes meals and I-CART certificate)

**CEUs for mental health professionals are available for an extra $12 (24 CEUs)**


Registrations can be completed:

*Make checks payable to “I-CART” and mail to: I-CART, P.O. Box 501285, Indianapolis, IN 46250-2202!

**Payment must be submitted with registration form to become enrolled in the class.



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Who We Are

Volunteer with ICARTUnexpected traumatic events can overwhelm a person and a community physically, emotionally and spiritually. I-CART is a crisis response team that assists victims and survivors of crime, trauma, and disasters at the scene of a traumatic event or at a designated site following the event. By providing a safe place for those affected to debrief about their situation, I-CART team members allow individuals to share their crisis reactions with others involved. By debriefing those affected, we hope our crisis intervention support session will minimize further crisis reactions and help provide education and support on the topic. I-CART follows the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) crisis response model and protocol.

All I-CART response team members have successfully completed the NOVA basic training in community crisis response. All response team members are volunteers and include mental health professionals, nurses and individuals associated with law enforcement, fire departments, victim assistance, the faith-based community, emergency management and hospitals.

I-CART is included in the comprehensive emergency management plan for Marion County. The services and expertise provided by I-CART are designed to be a supplemental resource to:

  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Fire departments
  • Victim assistance
  • Chaplains
  • American Red Cross of Greater Indianapolis
  • Emergency Management
  • Other responses established in Indiana
  • Mental Health Therapists

I-CART Board of Directors and Officers

Ed Tschopp President
Tom Kendall Vice President
Ed Tschopp Treasurer
Michie Sebree Call-Out Coordinator
Racheal Crouch Secretary
 Kimberly Comer Leadership Team
Lew Weiss Leadership Team
Zonda Stead Leadership Team
Lisa Brown Leadership Team
Maria Cottone Leadership Team
 Mary Honaker Leadership Team
 Maureen Ward Leadership Team
LouAnn Lemair Pyle Leadership Team
 Linda Linn Leadership Team
 Kim Walton Leadership Team
 Gerry Griffith Leadership Team

I-CART is currently looking for trained members to serve on our Leadership Team!  If you are interested in providing direction and guidance to this non-profit organization consider joining us for a future board meeting.  Any inquiries can be directed to indianacrisisresponseteam@gmail.com.

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Our Mission

To provide:

  • A network of trained professionals coordinated through a single system to respond to the needs of victims of disaster or traumatic events in a timely and planned way by allowing them to talk about the specific disaster or event that occurred.
  • Our objective is to provide a safe place to debrief about the current situation.
  • Since mental health counseling is not provided by our team members, referrals can be made to those in need.
  • These services are free of charge and offered with dignity and respect for individual and cultural differences.

Offering Communities

  • Crisis Response Team Deployment
  • Community Support and Education
  • Consultation on coordinating disaster/crisis response
  • Telephone consultation
  • On-scene and other services are offered at no cost to individuals or to agencies

I-CART is a non-profit organization committed to the recognition and implementation of victim rights.