Assist Businesses After A Crisis

We often respond to businesses, such as banks, after an armed robbery, or death or serious injury to one or more employees. We also assis local law enforcement agencies providing highly trained crisis intervention and mental healt assistance with significant local events.

School Shootings and Death Events

I-CART Team Members responded to the Noblesville West Middle School shooting in 2018. We have also responded to assist students and teachers at other schools after the tragic death of a teacher or one or more students at a school.

Respond To National Crisis Events

I-CART Team Members have responded to National Crisis Events since 9/11 including events like Hurricate Katrina, Tornados in southern Indiana, Missouri and oter States, Wildfires in California and other similar events.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide •A network of trained professionals coordinated through a single system to respond to the emotional and mental health needs of victims of disaster or traumatic events in a timely and planned way •Follow-up and referrals for those in need •These services are free of charge with dignity and respect for individual and cultural differences.

Unexpected traumatic events can overwhelm a person and a community physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I-CART is a mental health crisis response team that assists victims and survivors at the scene of a traumatic event or at a designated site immediately following an event.  I-CART follows the National Organization of Victim Assistance (NOVA) crisis response and protocol.

  All I-CART response team members have successfully completed the NOVA 24-hour basic training in community crisis response.  All response team members are volunteers and include mental health professionals, nurses, individuals associated with law enforcement, fire departments, victim assistance, the faith based community, emergency management and hospitals

Our Vision

Our Vision is to maintain a system for mental health responses and follow-up within the central Indiana area for individuals, families and children that are victims of a traumatic event.  We will continue to train individuals who are interested in providing compassionate care and support for victims of almost any kind of crisis event. Having trained team members throughout Indiana will give us an even better opportunity to assemble a team or teams to respond quickly whenever the need arises.

I-CART periodically offers the 24-hour basic NOVA Community Crisis Response Training, the NOVA Advanced training and other training opportunities.  Certified NOVA trainers provide these trainings.  Course content includes:

  • The Crisis Response
  • The Trauma Response
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Critical Information on Death Dying & Loss
  • Age, Cultural & Spiritual Perspectives
  • Children’s Crisis Response
  • The Crisis Response Team (CRT)

Our History

Since forming I-CART in 2000, the team has responded to a variety of callouts locally to schools and businesses.  In the aftermath of September 11, I-CART provided crisis support for international airline travelers stranded in Indianapolis, assisted airline personnel developed written support handouts an assisted other mental health agencies with Crisis Line support of individuals in the Indianapolis area.

I-CART team members were twice deployed to help with the response in New York City and New Jersey.  I-CART team members were deployed to serve following hurricanes in Mississippi and Florida and also provided community support following the wild fires in San Diego, California.  Our team has worked with Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide companion support to individuals that were dealing with local flooding and tornado disasters.  We worked in collaboration with Indiana Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters.

If you have questions and comments, Please contact us

Frequently Asked Questions?

What Does It Cost to Use the I-CART Team

Our team members are all volunteers that bring their training and experience to the table to help and serve others. There is never any charge for asking the I-CART team to assist.

Can I Be Trained and be Part of the I-CART Team?

YES! I-CART offers NOVA (National Organization of Victims Assistance) Training normally 2-3 times per year. Training is normally in or around the Indianapolis, Indiana area. Our web site will provide current upcoming information on our training, so please check back with our site from time to time.

Can we have an I-CART Speaker talk to our company, civic organiztion or service club?

Absolutely. Please click on the “Contact” Button on this page and let us know more about your speaking engagement event and we will do everything possible to provide you with a speaker who will talk to your group about how we are trained and help people after a major crisis or disaster.

Who is on the Board of Directors and Advisors to I-CART?

I-CART Board Officers are:

President: Ed Tschopp

Vice President: Tom Kendall

Secretary: Racheal Crouch

Treasurer: Ed Tschopp


Our Board Advisors are:

Lisa Brown

Kimberly Comer

Gerry Griffith

Diane Holzman

Mary Honaker

Kristen Higgins

LouAnn Lemaire-Pyle

Linda Linn

David Parkes

Maureen Ward

Lew Weiss

Michelle Wise

Other Examples of Events I-CART Teams Have Responded To

Flood Response

Waverly Indiana

Team Members often respond to assist victims in the aftermath of major flood events. Because our Team Members have specialized training along with backgrounds in Law Enforcement, Mental Health, Chaplaincy, FEMA Incident Command and more, teams can be assembled to provide just the right combination of experience and support where other volunteer organizations can not. Working together with other Support Organizations, like the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, CERT and others, I-CART can help fill in the voids needed for a more complete, compassionate response.

Hurricane & Tornado Response

Aftermath of Katrina

Team Members responded to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, and the aftermath of massive tornado events such as Joplin, Missouri. Each disaster is a unique event and requires a specialized team to fill in the gaps for Emergency Responders in the aftermath of local and natonal events.

Wildfires and Other Natural Disasters

San Diego, California

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